WHY IT IS NECESSARY TO PLACE ADVERTISING ON AllYachts.Ru: AllYachts.Ru is not just a site for the sale of yachts and boats, it is a modern and universal assistant whose task is to offer the best service for the selection, purchase and sale of yachts and boats in Russia and Europe. Attendance: target audience of 25,000 - 35,000 visitors per month according to Yandex.Metrika. High visibility in the search engines Yandex and Google for keywords such as "Buy a yacht", "Sale of yachts", etc. Convenient search for yachts and boats for purchase Convenient work with search results. Types of presentation of the results. Sortings Customer Services: Comparison of Yachts and Favorites Ease of posting ads. You will spend only a few minutes placing an advertisement for the sale of a yacht or boat. See for yourself. Automatic loading of ads allows you to easily and quickly publish any number of ads from your site to the AllYachts.Ru ad database. It is configured once and does not require manual labor for the publication of announcements. SMS request notifications Accounting for the difference in the price of a yacht in Russia and "not in Russia", taking into account customs payments (selection accuracy is higher by 40% !!!) Free: 5 ads. A great opportunity to test the response from the site. Get started now Detailed statistics on ad views. Statistics Example Reasonable prices, flexible tariff plans and payment methods. Automation of settlements, billing and workflow - important for legal entities Posting a review (review) of the yacht for sale will complement your advertisement with information useful to the buyer, draw attention to your vessel and expedite its sale. Post your review of the yacht. Bank "Vacancies and CVs" is popular in the yachting environment to address issues of employment and the search for team members and staff. Large base of news subscribers Full English version of AllYachts.Org to promote your yachts and boats that are not in the Russian Federation, to attract buyers from Europe, America and other countries of the world.