Automatic loading of ads

Automatic ads upload (XML upload ads) is a convenient way to publish your ads about selling boats and yachts in the portal database AllYachts.Org. The source of advertising may be your company's website or local database.

For operational placement of sentences in the database of ads AllYachts.Org You once is enough to create and configure the file-converter in XML format that will contain the list of your ads and plug it in the Client Area AllYachts.Org to your account.

Work to create the XML file becomes the programmer of your website for a few hours.

After you create and verify the correct operation of the Converter the process of posting ads is completely automated and You can only maintain up to date recruitment ads on its website or in a local database.

Once a day there is an automatic validation of the XML file and sync it with your ad AllYachts.Org. If the XML file is found a new ad, it is downloaded to our website. If the ad is already published on our website, is updated. If a previously loaded ad missing in the XML file, the ad is removed.

Payment for the connection file Converter is not required. You only pay for the publication of advertisements according to the selected tariff plan. To know about the rates here.

How to use the automatic publication of ads:

  1. You Must be a registered user of the portal AllYachts.Org. If You're not with us, then Sign up or recover data.
  2. Create XML file Converter to specification (the programmer assigned to Your site and realized a few hours). Specification of the XML file here.
  3. If You are already a client portal that will connect the URL to the XML file in the section "Automatic ads upload" ad in the Client Area. Ads will be published according to the chosen tariff plan.

Do You still have questions about the automatic publication of ads? Call us: +7 (495) 616-00-77 or +7 (495) 99-808-66 or email: infoallyachtsru